8 Gamer Now and Beyond


It is great to have the word game around and in other language imagine what would it be. Gamer comes from the word game.

Computer Gamer

With the invention of computer comes computer games. Computer games create many gamer as there are many of it sold in the computer store. There are also computer games that are free to download in the information superhighway called the internet. You can see now that even children at younger age learn to open and play computer games installed in their personal computer or laptop. Computer gaming offline can be fun to pass time. Before there was no internet there were many offline games that are available and all you need is to install it. Computer game client is usually on VCD where DVD was not on the market yet. VCD and DVD are way more different to each other. It is surprising how games take up space on your computer so you need more disk space if you want to install many games and also a faster computer will surely give a good computer gaming experience.

Online Gamer

With the period of internet age we have many online gamer. The most popular game we have today are web browser games. Many youngsters know a certain website and they type it and play with it like online game website friv. You can find out about the mentioned website. Children learn to read at young age so they probably would learn to type and they spend time and time passed and life goes on and they grow up and still play online games. One can search such games in the internet which the help of search engines like Google and Yahoo search engines.

Sports Gamer

Sports are great game to play. At school you have physical education which may involve sports in curriculum like basketball and soccer. There are many sports. Running sports is really tough where you have to run at your fastest to win. Having a job in sports is not an easy one to enter as you need to be good in the sports you want to play. In school you may be a varsity and you have a lot of competition who want to be good in playing the said sport. One one-to-one game that is really popular, which don’t involve to much physical activity is the board game chess. Board game don’t really require too much physical activity as you only use your brain and your hands. Enjoying playing board game is a great pass time before but now children are more on computer gamer whether a handheld computer game or internet game. Physical sports are way more healthier which really involves strenuous training and practice.

Relationship Gamer

There are many relationship we can find in our community. It can be friends, relative, lovers and some other else. A courting relationship is a tough one to have and usually happen during teen and adulthood. Some may think that their relationship is just a game to play and it really hurts if one on the relationship finds out. It will surely give a feeling of pain of finding out that you are just being played upon. The one who orchestrate the game on relationship will surely have bad reputation if the victim will vent his/her anger on social media which will allow him/her to post the bad news.

Schizophrenic Gamer

Are you schizophrenic or have any other mental health problems? You might be a gamer who have schizophrenia. There are many depressed people in the world. Stress is really a great form of problem and you will surely have low energy in facing life and you find yourself pleased on gaming with computer games. You may be a schizophrenic player who face time and time passes and memories are made and it cannot be turn back. If you could only turn back time but you couldn’t. You just remember it and may reminisce it. Depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are great mental disease and it created many jobs for pharmacy manufacturing medicines regarding this matter.

Heavy Rich Gamer

There are many rich people and also poor people. There are many teens and adult spend much time in gaming. They even spend money on a certain game that they love. There are in-game purchases of most game to advance and level up more quickly and become stronger. Wish you could have born rich when you play a certain game so you can purchase that rare item that you love to have. When you play a certain online game you can see some characters that have many item and level up quickly. You are average and don’t have budget on purchasing in-game items. That is life and you have to live with it.

Poor Gamer

There are poor gamer. May it be in relationship or online games. Poor people cannot afford to have computer. Mostly they rent for time like 1 hour internet usage in internet shop or internet cafe. If they don’t have money for renting they will just watch with other people who rent the internet. They will surely save money in allowance to play a certain game to have that fun gaming experience. Some poor people may get into middle class and have a decent job. Their dream of becoming stronger in a game might come true but time passes and the game might not be there anymore.

Mobile Gamer

There are many mobile games that one can download in mobile device or smartphones. The phones now are so smart that you can download with many game app on it. Some are free and some are paid app. Like the personal computer and laptop which has operating system, mobile device have operating system too. The popular operating system of mobile device at present time are Android, IOS and Windows phone. The three said mobile operating system were installed on many smartphones. Do you own a smartphone? Smartphone are really ubiquitous nowadays. Game and other applications are great to have and it will surely take space. Speed and mobile disk space is more concerned with mobile device players or gamers. Now you can see even youngsters play with mobile devices or tablets. What are your favorite games in mobile device? You might want to be a mobile device app developer too. It will surely take some time as you practice and learn computer coding. It will surely be hard strenuous time. You might want to also to see more on online gamer.

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