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Schizo Gamer is now online. This is a blog or web page in in the internet. We aim to provide information regarding psychological or mental disorder especially more on schizophrenia. We also provide more about games. The other thing one can find here are travel, food and drink, lifestyle and others. The one who maintain this blog is also schizophrenic. He had been having a hard time since his teens which he knew now was the start of his psychological disorder. It is hard to a schizophrenic boy. He was given care 7 years ago and the doctor prescribed him with a daily medicine for life. It was really costly to be on daily medicines. There is an article 3 years ago about computer game to help people with schizophrenia and other psychological disorders. You can find it here. Making a computer game is really tough if you will read the shared article.

It was a great milestone for schizo gamer. The one who maintain this site was a heavy gamer before. The online game have relieve him for the paranoia which he encounter before. He feels that world is really heavy and his learning capacity and perception on classes was put to low state which got him low grades which was not his usual academic performance.

Scientists are making great studies on mental disorders and there are many people benefiting from medicines on psychological disorders though in schizophrenia fact sheet – 50% only receive appropriate care. Schizophrenia medicines are really hard to get in to. You will probably gain weight which is the number one side effects. Maintaining weight is a good practice for healthy life.

As game is concern, there are many games we can find in the internet. Downloadable games are now ubiquitous and some are free and some are paid games. Two popular free games are League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients and you need to have the latest desktop computer or gaming laptop for having a good experience on these games.

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