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online gamer
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Online Gamer

Games are great to have and it is a great past-time and entertainment. Are you an online gamer? When you play more games in the internet then you can consider yourself as online gamer. You will need a good computer and internet connection to enjoy the maximum entertainment of online game. There are many online games in the internet and they are created by great computer game developer. I really want to know how to create online games and now there are games that can be played in small computer called cellphone or mobile phone. The commercial computer began 4 decades ago so senior nowadays mostly witness the early computer games. The internet is nearly two decades old and now people who use internet is called now online. Time is ticking and we spend time in gaming. I remember that played almost whole day for a certain game in the internet for two years and I have a very slow internet connection which was dial up connection. As I mentioned that you need a really fast internet connection to play games in the internet. Being an online gamer is a great experience and you have the chance to meet other people who play all over the world as online games can be accessed through internet. Now the internet is getting upgraded by ISP provider but still I am aiming for that fiber internet connection as I have DSL internet right now. When I was little I was introduced to computer game console and it was family computer and I really enjoy playing Super Mario and now there are games online of Super Mario version. The gaming console just got getting better and now gaming console can connect to the internet too through wifi connection and downloadable games are also available and there are free versions and paid versions. Being a gamer in the internet is a tough thing to do and when you are young like teenage years then you are likely to be a gamer in the internet. There are lots of games to download and you need to choose what is right for you. The first online game that I played was Ragnarok game. I didn’t stay long in the game as I don’t have much money to rent for the internet. Now decades have passed and I have a DSL internet which is fast but second only to the recent commercial internet – the fiber internet connection. It is tough to develop online games as there are also regular updates of a certain online game and it just a few update download.

The video below is just a short history of online gaming. You will found out that Multi-Access Dungeon (MAD) was the first online game to go worldwide but sad to say that it was shutdown for two years. I didn’t even know this game. It stayed forever in the history of online gaming. You can see that there are few online games that were featured in the short Youtube video.

How To Earn Money as Online Gamer?

The easiest way to make money online as an online gamer is to make videos of the game you played and upload it to Youtube. You have to make a Youtube account and monetize your videos. I have not done this and I plan this in the near future. There are also players who like to purchase an item and you might have that certain item then you will sell it for money. I remember my friend were aiming to get some item to sell in their place. The game that I always played for two years more than a decade ago is still online now and I was not playing more of it right now. If you are good at game then you might apply at online game competition. It take skill and talent to be a skillful online gamer. I have heard that twitch tv site can also allow players to upload videos and make some dime. It is just an option but most likely you will get a job after college or after high school. In college you have to focus on study so small time for online gaming.

Conquer Online Gamer

Conquer Online is a great and famous game in year 2003 which is the game was online. I played it two years after and I experience the classic Conquer Online. Now it is 14 years online and there are many players worldwide who had taste the game entertainment that the game give. The game is popular in our area and there is a certain game server that most of player in our area played. My friend who have a family now still play the game and I sometimes read a Facebook post in his timeline on Conquer Online game. The game is a role playing game and if you like to play the game then you have to download the game client and install in on your computer or laptop. With the mobile game availability the Conquer Online game had made it also to mobile platform. There are in-game purchases to level up quickly and make your character more stronger. Watching more about the online game in the video channel like Youtube is also a great thing to do for more exploration of the game without playing the game.

Arrival of 5 Versus 5 Online Game

The arrival of the 5 versus 5 online game is a great invention just like basketball computer game – the NBA PC game by EA Sports. The two popular 5 versus 5 game is League of Legends and DOTA 2. You need Garena installed and Garena account to download the LOL – League of Legends game. You also need STEAM installed and STEAMĀ  account to download the Defense of the Ancients ( DOTA 2 game). LOL online game is really famous and it has million of players online all around the world and so is DOTA 2 game. The game client is really big so you need a DSL connection or fiber internet connection. So far in our country the most popular is DOTA 2 and there are many players who sell items in Facebook. Most of the players are male and there are also few female players that you can find playing the online game. As usual you will be expecting of updates to download and take a few minutes to few hours. I was away for a month in DOTA 2 and when I log-in today I received a lot of time updating and it was more than an hour update and it was really a gigabyte update. A new patch arrived and was surprise to see two new characters added.

The Shooting Online Game

Shooting game like Counter Strike Global on Steam is a popular game also. There is also Counter Strike offline. Before the online game was created there was LAN game Counter Strike where you can play with your friends in the internet cafe. I have played a lot of this game with friends and classmates 15 years ago. It is great to play this game and it has million of players too. You can download the game on steam and enjoy the game. Happy playing amigos!

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