Brief Computer Game Review

computer game reviewThis is a brief computer game review

Computer has been around for quite a while now. Now there are many computers all around the planet. Money is needed to acquire a computer whether it is a personal computer or laptop unless someone will give you one then you are lucky. Personal computer or desktop computer is great to own especially for gaming for you can customize the parts like fast video card. Though there are gaming laptop but it really cost you more to have one. I remember owning a personal computer before and it was much different as compared to personal computer now. I have it 19 years ago and it was a used personal computer. The booting style of the personal computer I have before is really different. I was glad to have that kind of experience before and I had played a few games of the one I have. Now I have another personal computer which is 15 months old. I also have a desktop computer 12 years ago and it runs on Windows XP. Windows XP now are obsolete as it no longer receive updates from Microsoft. Windows XP is an operating system and it was really famous 15 years ago and before that, there was Windows 2000 and Windows 98 and even Windows 95. I have fun with my old desktop computer with Windows XP operating system and that was from year 2005 to 2009 and in 2009 my father bought me a laptop. Now the laptop is damage and it is being used for many number of hours. It might get working again if repaired. Last year I was happy that my sister bought me a desktop computer which is far more faster as it is new and latest technology. Since year had passed then I think there are more faster upgrade of desktop computer. We love to have faster computer and one other thing is internet connection. There are lots of computer connected to the internet. Now there is a fiber internet which is really fast as compared to my DSL internet connection. The most slow internet connection is the dial up internet and I experienced this 12 years ago. You need an internet modem to connect to dial up internet. I am happy with desktop computer right now. If I can have faster video card then I will be more happy as I play online games which really needs faster computer and internet. I really like gaming laptop and I loved to own one someday. There was a time in my life that I always play online game and it was not to a high level of satisfactory experience as I have a slow computer and slow internet connection. It was a nice experience and a fun memory. My friends, classmates and neighbors play that game too and most of the boys played it and the computer game was really famous at that time. Now there are many online games developed and now there comes mobile games. A mini computer, our cellphone or mobile phones or smartphones comes now with a capability of download games in the app store. Smartphones are ubiquitous nowadays and it comes with operating system and famous operating system are IOS, android, and windows phone. Now there are many computer game developer all around the world. You might want to be a computer developer and there are many computer game companies that you can work with. This just again a brief computer game review. You might also want to read short game review.

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