Conquer Online Review

This is a Conquer Online Review. Conquer Online is a great game that is really popular up to this days. The game is fun to play and it was created by NetDragon and distributed by TQ Digital. Conquer Online game is one of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG. I had played again since one year after it was released. It was released in 2003 and a year after there were many players of the game in our place. I saw many gamer playing in the internet cafe and I kind of like to play the game. We were new to a game then and as we spent time we became acquainted with it. The game before had four players to chose from and those were the warrior, trojan, taoist and archer. I had experienced with all the four characters. After few years there were characters added like ninja and assassin. It was a great patch. Somehow there are patches in the game in which the game interface will download the patch or you can choose to manual patch by downloading the patch and running it own the game folder in your drive in which the game was installed. I like playing the game and we can run like two game at the same time so we can make two accounts. I had installed the game on my computer and I have slow internet connection before. If only I have fast internet like DSL internet before then I could have a better game experience like fast level and better items. In having a slow internet connection in playing the game you would get disconnected. That means when you are in party you would probably be out on party that means not leveling at to the full extent. Also you will get few chances of mining better gems in mining in getting always disconnected because of slow internet. The game has lot to offer like choosing the character that you will play as many times. You get to choose another character or class after you reborn. So if you choose another character or class then you will have a two experience of characters or classes. Though it will be another fun experience if you choose to play another class for getting acquainted with another characters or classes. You can find out more about games here. To play the game conquer online click here. It will surely be a fun gaming experience.

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