December 8, 2017

Today is December 8, 2017 and time will pass to finish the day and another day will come and memories are made and left behind. There are many life that are born today and there are also many life that pass away. That is life on Earth and human population had grow faster in the past 70 years. There are 31 days in the month of December so that makes 23 more days to come to end the year 2017. We went to the church today in the city and it was an eleven kilometer ride. There were many flowers in the left side of the church and we didn’t know that there was a dead person in the coffin inside the church. The dead person was the bishop of our city. We also thought that maybe it was because the Feast of Immaculate Conception. It was great to be in the church today with my mother. We went to the educational store to buy some school supplies then after that we went to mall and buy some groceries. After that we eat some snack desserts as it was snack time. As usual the mall was overcrowded. It was a great Friday afternoon and we don’t have a car so we ride a public transportation a way more cheaper than taxi or uber.

What was December 8 on 100 years ago or 1000 years ago? We can only know about some written history about what happen in many years ago. Like 100 years ago a war happened and it was still World War 1 which in July 2014 to November 1918. Rest in peace to all soldiers who died during the war. Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ was probably 20 years old. December 8 is also Bodhi day in Japan. Bodhi day is a holiday where Buddhist commemorate the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama. It is also a great today for Panama because it is their’s celebration of Mother’s day. I remember the Mother’s Day in our country in May 14 and also in many countries who celebrated it. Last May 14 we went to another island and we traveled by airplane. It was a great memory and it was 17 years after I went to that island again and sure there were many development in that city in an island. The day is nearing for Christmas and it will be a great celebration in the entire world. This is a great 342nd day of the year. It is Friday the 8th and time goes on and some events are written in history of the world.


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