MU Online Game Review

This is an MU Online game review. I had known MU since 2004 and the game was released in October 6, 2003. I had played the game with the slowest internet connection “the dial up internet connection”. It was a fun experience which I had spend many hours on it. Having a slow internet connection was really not good but you will have to live with it. I always get disconnected on the game because of my slow internet connection. I can’t download the game as it really takes time so I ask a CD game client in the internet cafe. I don’t have the CD anymore though. In the game there are classes where you can choose to play and name the character. I had played all the characters and now there are new characters which I haven’t played yet. It was a fun experience of playing MU Online. There are three major classes to join and the other two classes can be unlocked at a certain level. I really liked the Dark Wizard and as a Dark Wizard he can acquire the given skill at a certain int stats. In a feminine side of the class is the Elf. The other male class is the Dark Knight. There are many spots in the game where one can level. I have reach a certain level and once class will be available to play and it was the Magic Gladiator. It was when your character reach level 220 and Magic Gladiator will be available to play. It was said that Dark Lord will be available when your character reach level 250. I was new to the game before and I join a guild. There are many guilds that were made and there were many players too. I wonder if there are still many players of the game. Now there are web browser and smartphone version of this game. One can try all classes for curiosity and experience. I had played the 5 classes in the game before. The game before was not a free to play game but you have to pay to access the game. Now the game is free to play. This game was surely a great game to play made by Korean gaming company. Now 14 years had passed and I play this game in web browser game called MU Classic. You can read more about game post here. I miss the old game and the game was closed and all accounts were gone. The game did came back and I made a new account and it was already free to play though there are in-game purchases.

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