PC – Personal Computer Review

This is a personal computer review. Personal computer is a great invention by humans and probably by alien lifeforms also. Now personal computer is ubiquitous. There are many personal computer manufactured in planet Earth. There are also old personal computers that are damaged and not in use. Personal computer had evolved and become more faster through research. Imagine the research made on personal computer. You probably know about the CPU or central processing unit. The computer monitor is one important part of PC. In internet shops mostly PC are installed. Laptops are computer that cost more than PC. Imagine the earlier forms of computer. The early computer really takes huge space and you might want to study more about it. Now computer come into little package with some specifications. The faster the computer the more it cost. A gamer want to have a faster computer. The computer hardware is really costly to build and it takes huge sum of cash to make a computer company. Intel and AMD are two computer hardware giants. Computer needs software and Microsoft and Apple are two operating system giants. There are free operating system you can find in the internet. When you buy a PC today it is a package with the hardware and operating system installed. Now there is Microsoft Windows 10 which is the latest operating system so far by Microsoft. It seems like its ten of Apple operating system too. Now there are handheld computer device which is a tiny version of computer which has operating system too. There are many computer games now that are made and you can download it for free and there are also games that you need to pay for cash. Our planet had advance and we have to see what will be computer a decade from now. Artificial intelligence or AI is really a sophisticated computer and there is a movie about it about a human artificial intelligence. Now there is a monitor with CPU. It is all in one. There is no box type CPU but it it within the computer monitor. It is great to own one of those. Now there is external drive in case you need for disk space for some files. I remember owning an old computer before and it was way more slower and different as it is now. Read more about schizophrenic gamer.

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