Public Transportation Review 2017

public transportation

This is a public transportation review. In our time there are man made machines made for transportation or traveling. Before there were no man made machines transportation, there were animals made for transportation like horse and camel. Now there are many man made machines like automobiles, bus and train. There are many bus nowadays and there are many people who ride it for a day with a certain payment or bus fee. Unless you own an automobile and drive it then you wouldn’t have to ride and pay for the bus transportation. Public transportation is a big business and it creates a lot of jobs like taxi driver job and bus driver jobs. I grow up with not owning an automobile and we always ride a public transportation to travel in our area, like going to the city or some place else. I have also ride a bus transportation and it was a fun experience. We usually ride bus for long travel. I remember when I was little when my mom brought me with her and we ride a bus then we travel across the sea with a ship transportation. Ship is a great transportation too and our ship today is with machine engine now which makes the ship travel more faster, unlike the ship before where it navigates depending on wind or it was called the sailboat. Owning this transportation machines really needs a great amount of money. When I was little our school was just a walk away but after Grade 3 I was transfer to a far more school, which needed me to aboard the public transportation. So every weekdays I travel with the public jeep and pay for a transportation fee or the thing called transportation fare. As I ride I came along with many people that also aboard the jeep transportation. It was called jeep in our place and it accommodate with average of 17 people including the driver. The bus usually accommodates more people and the bus is far more bigger than jeep and cars. As train is concern, I haven’t ride a single train in our country yet but I have ride a train in another one country and I was glad to have my first ride at train. Motorcycle ride is becoming popular also nowadays in our place and I too have experience with it. It is usually called a pedicab in our place. A single motorcycle ride is also giving a transportation service in our city and most of the country too. The year is 2017 now and travel machines are now ubiquitous and there are many people who want to drive that travel machines and also want to own one. You might also want to read a travel review.

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