Ragnarok Online CD Giveaway

ragnarok online

This is a story about a boy who want to play Ragnarok Online. Before DVD was introduced there was CD. DVD is far more better than CD though. The boy don’t have computer before and he watched computer gamer in the internet cafe. Ragnarok online become popular that year. RO is a popular online game where you can meet other player in different place who also log in to play the game. One needs to have the game client installed and make an account on the website of the game. His parent bought a desktop computer and it was not a fast computer. Somehow he managed to install the ragnarok online game. His internet connection before was a dial up internet and it was the slow internet connection. He had some fun gaming experience but he didn’t played long in that game. After a few years there was an offline version of the game which he bought in CD form. He installed it on his computer and he had fun with it. Before there was not fast internet yet there where RO game CD giveaway and I don’t know about it now. Now with fast internet anyone can download a game client. Some games are paid games and some games are paid games. Now there comes a web browser game version of Ragnarok Online where no game client installed needed. All you need is web browser like Firefox or Chrome and you are good to go to play the game. Though you need to have an account. It is good to have a CD or DVD of a certain game. You can just download the game and burn it to DVD and make a pretty design of the game. If you are fan of anime there is also an anime version of it and you can read it more here. Now there is a mobile version of the RO game which is also known as Ragnarok Online game. It is good to have these kind of games for gaming experience for younger generations to come. More than a decade passed and the game is still alive and well. It is great to meet many players in the online game. For more game reading you can check it more here. You surely are a great gamer.

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