StarCraft Review

This is a StarCraft Review. StarCraft is a great computer game in 1998 where it was first release on that year. I remember my classmates was really hooked at that game at that time. Sometimes we play after school in internet cafe. Playing it with other player is really fun. It was a nice computing personal computer gaming experience at that year and it had became more popular in the next year and I remember even in 2000 playing with my classmate in college. The game was really popular. It is the best selling computer game in 1998 and imagine how many units sold of game installer at that time. Now there are game download available with the introduction of faster internet. I still like owning a game DVD though and it is good to have one. I haven’t played the game for many years now but it is still fresh from my memories and a decade had past and the game had evolved. There were surely many game development of the game. Now in the game. You need to choose a one race to play. There are three races and human race is definitely one of the race you can choose and the other are alien races. There are surely things to know from each race and spending time on each race will surely enable you to learn on which more you are good at. I usually go with the Protoss race as far as I can remember and I had spent many times playing with it before. The last race to choose is the Zerg. The Zerg will surely put you to amazement as the units are really insect like. The land unit and air unit is really a great thing as they will battle the other opponent in the game. Now there is StarCraft 2 and it is a whole new thing and I haven’t played it yet. The three race are really astounding as they will battle each other and you have to be adept with great skills and strategy to win the game. You might also want to read more on other games here.

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